Keggo history

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be the parent of some small children. When they were young I decided that I did not want to be one of those neurotic parents who control their children by being a know everything banker. So with the kids input we decided to create a home account of sorts, a box that we would fill with any money that happened to be in our pockets when we returned home.

Fairly soon after we started using a large plastic container that a vast amount of circus cookies came in. The container was empty and boring so we sat down in my studio and painted it. Everyone had a hand in adding colors and the final version of the first Keggo it was disastrously amazing. Nothing made sense, but it was bright and distinct.

We filled that Keggo with money and that savings was used for movie tickets, toys and assorted pizza delivery tips. The simplicity of cleaning out your pockets, adding what you find to your Keggo and then freely using that money as anyone sees fit became a blessing to financial negotiations within our home.

While we have always thought our Keggo was magic, because over the course of a few months it would be close to filled with cold hard cash. When friends would visit and we would explain the magic of the Keggo, most parents cast a wary eye towards the whole concept, but children always wanted one of their own.

That’s why some of these recently painting coffee tins are being offered, for sale, because Sweet Baby Jesus knows that brushes and paint do not grow on threes.

The new Keggo tubes will be updated as some sell and others magically appear, so check back often. The page with the most recent Keggos is currently HERE.

If you own a Keggo and want to send an image of it in its natural habitat, do so below.



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