The process

What we offer clients is a fairly clear process. First, of course, we meet to decide on what it is you want in a short film. Most of these films are designed for internet use. That is not to say we will not pitch a long form documentary, because we are producing one now. More and more clients are using the films in exhibition spaces, expos and other industry sales conferences. Making a short film for these types of events is becoming one of our specialities.

Once we have concept and budget, we move forward with what the shape of the film will take. Specific elements, such as shots, schedule, travel and crew are soon put into the equation. We have a logistics person who puts together all the planning for both the production of the film and an editing schedule. When we are given a deadline, we meet that deadline, period.

Because the business is based on a creative concept, from the initial talk of a film all the way to the final packaging, it is a creative project. We do not make predictable, cookie cutter films, there are plenty of other options available if that is your sincere criteria. If you want an intelligent, image based film, put together by a story teller, we can handle it.


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