Immediate notice: We have changed the Beth Libitard Memorial Scholarship. We are using the money set aside for this scholarship to help fund classroom needs for teachers in the United States. Click here for more information.

On April 2, 2015 we selected the first annual Beth Libitard Memorial One Thousand Dollar Scholarship winner, which had been available to any student, in any study program, who needed money for continuing education. There is no control over how the money is spent, nor is there a complex application process. In fact you apply officially using the form below.

Three people will share the 2016 Beth Libitard scholarship.

Beth Libitard died tragically on April 2, 2014. She was an amazing young woman, a lawyer, a tabloid favorite, an author, a mother to an adopted idiot and shockingly, a racist, anti-semite and a Harvard embarrassment. She was also an Australian Shepard with a bad attitude.

The Beth Libitard Scholarship for 2017 is One Thousand Dollars. The first years scholarship is a donation from Beth’s friends, but for the far reaching future the fund will be generated by sales from the book “The Tails of Beth Libitard” which is available on Amazon. ALL money from the future sales of that book will fund our initiative to help teachers supply necessary items for classrooms. That’s right, every single dollar that book earns will fund each years giving project.





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