We are always looking for new authors.

There are questions we are being asked, quite often. There will be a page dedicated to answering all of these. In short, what we will do for an author is digitally publish your work, we do not and we will not paper publish a novel or any other written work, that is not what we do. We will edit your work and get your book ready for publication, work with you on your cover art and all the aspects of the book that many authors neglect, table of contents, the copyright page, maybe an authors credit, all those sorts of things, we then put it in the proper format and set everything up with digital companies like Amazon and the book begins to be sold. Then what we do, and this is key, we market the hell out of your work to get you out there and help you to sell your book, because it is great that you wrote an amazing book, a book we believe in because we are publishing it, but if we do not get it in front of readers, it misses its audience.

That is what we do basically for authors. For that, we keep a percentage (20%) of sales. Amazon (as an example will keep 30%, so 70% is coming back to the company, we keep 20% and the author keeps 50%.) In our breakdown paper we will go into more detail on how we earn that 20% and at that point authors will have a choice to make.

We are reviewing new authors work. At this moment we are open for submissions. Use the form below to get the ball rolling. If you have questions, ask them.

Contact us if you want to submit something.


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