Everyman – 3

“As you no doubt know,” I began, “I am not a Professional public speaker, in fact, I have just recently learned to read a teleprompter, so excuse me if I do not make a lot of sense.”
The crowd continued to roar, not as loudly, respecting my speaking, but the applause and recognition was still moving across the collection of rabid and passionate voters in the room. The energy of the dignified and diverse crowd was palpable. I kept it short.
“I have been asking you to vote for me because I want to make sure real people can still get elected and do the things that can impact their communities.
I’ve been asking for your vote because I will need your support to win against an incumbent who has spent most of his elected life begging for money and not following thru on promises.
I am asking for your vote because even in our super modern society, people get elected to office one vote at a time and today,
I am asking for your support. Not just tonight, because it looks like I got your support, but I’m not going away, and I need to meet with you people and speak with your people and hear from you if I am going to represent you people in Washington DC.
Thank you for your support and I am honored to be this much closer to being your new congressman.”
There were people standing on tables, couples holding hands and old people in wheel chairs taking pictures with phones I was sure they did not know how to use. I smiled and began shaking hands and for a long time it seemed like all I could do was hug everyone who came within a hands reach of me.


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