Everyman 2

I remember the job interview six years ago like it was yesterday. I had a decent freelance gig where I took care of a small production companies electronics, mostly cameras and sound equipment. I answered a Craigslist job posting for an IT pro for a local law firm. The job was kind of undefined. What was expected was that when a printer or computer slowed or stalled, anyone at the firm could call me and I would be there to fix it. I interviewed on a Friday afternoon and as I was walking back to my car, the firms human resources person called and asked if I was interested. I started the next Monday.
For the vast majority of the calls I received at the firm, I was able to resolve the issue and on the rare occasion I could not deal with it, I could place a call to Slim Buchanan, who was really fat. Slim was one of those basement dwelling nerds everyone hears so much about, except Slim was a problem solver, not a World of Warcraft wizard. When I needed expertise in anything digital or electronic, Slim could walk me through it in about five minutes.
For about five and a half years I had a great job. Sometimes I would go weeks without a single call from a lawyer or secretary, complaining about something fairly obvious that needed cleaning or replacing. Then the economy that had been slapping around regular Americans for many years finally decided to kick the legal profession in its proverbial balls. At first I noticed clerks and paralegals being let go, all in the same manner. A partner would call an employee into a conference room and depending on length of time with the firm, some sort of severance was offered, a quick agreement to leave and not discuss anything and within a hour that person was a memory.
Then one day I got a call at my desk and I was called upstairs to the conference room. I was not shocked or disappointed, it all seemed inevitable to me. In fact, for a long time I could not understand the need to keep me full time anyway, the lack of real work did not seem to bother anyone but me. The high speed internet had become my best friend, because I could spend the majority of my days catching up on long lost TV series via Netflix. I could have felt guilty for the wasted time, but it was the firms decision that they would rather have someone on staff to deal with the technical issues and not have to wait for an outside repair that could take days to get a person to actually respond.
I never really dreamed of any single job as my lifes work. I kind of fell into my career, which is how I think a lot of people find their work lives. I was just hammering about, looking for a way to earn money and I was able to find a job that led to a job that led, somehow to another job. I have a brother who has been working for the same company for over 15 years and he is incredibly happy doing that. The sense of security and predictability works for him and I’m not sure if it would work for me, but because of the nature of the professional life I have had, and the skill set I have offered, I have had a more transient work life.

Everyman 3 is here.

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