Our latest offering is a great summer read, Branson-For Love or Money is now available only on Amazon. If you like a good page turner, this should be right up your alley. Check out the book here and a fuller description, just by click this link. 

Our first long form book is available on Amazon.Com. It is a collection of funny short stories. It includes the morning spent with Ron Paul, shots of Meth, cough syrup and Viagra and three not-so good looking illegal Canadian prostitutes. There is also an awkward dinner with disgraced former House Speaker naughty Newt Gingrich and a phone call with a man claiming to be Mitt Romney. Also, Matt Bertles goes on the trail of the Santorum campaign to get to the bottom of rumors that the candidate is a Satan worshiper. After a week in Iowa whoring around with hypocritial republicans the author flew to Hawaii to do what most other grounded Americans would and should do, smoke Medical Marijuana with the most powerful man in the world.

Click her to download you copy of Dancing with Mannequins and Idiots.Click here to purchase a copy.

The various stories of our Lesbian Australian Shepard, Harvard educated lawyer who dies numerous times in various scary and hilarious ways, always coming back for more. Afghanistan war hero, legal defender of criminals and idiots and lovers of famous artist and morally bankrupt Kitty. Beth is a world class surfer, brilliant mind reader and dancer on a par with the elderly Madonna. Click here for a copy.

A collection of stories revolving around women named Becky. Not all the women were originally named Becky, in fact, many if not all, were probably not named Becky, but all of them have somehow become a Becky. Heavy drinking, loss of inhibition, underwear and a general malaise are found in at least 3 of the stories, the rest, I am not sure about. Buy it, read it and get back to us. Click here for a copy.


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