This page is under development. BUT, to give you an idea. Since the great city of New York has banned and made it damn close to impossible to post cool posters and other marketing materials that we had planned to blanket the city with, we will have some on here for sale. That much is true and soon enough, you can buy some of it. Original, one of a kind posters, the original big head drawings and some of the original cover drawings for the Dancing with Mannequins and Idiots cover. Unfortunately the cover art for the first Branson book is original art that is not for sale, but the large heads are being used for Branson 2, so those will be available. Confused? That’s exactly why this page is under development.


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  1. I love this post! Such a great idea to recap your top 10 pics…and these are all so wonderful! You’re super taeetnld behind the camera! I love the pics you took for Jen’s Christmas cards.I might have to pic out my top 10 and link up.

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