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Dancing with Mannequins and Idiotsavailable only Amazon

A fast and adrenaline filled book of one man’s hilarious account of time spent in the wilds of Iowa and the rest of the primary states with a bunch of mediocre Republican candidates claiming to be running for president.

“Get in,” the gray haired elderly man screamed from the front seat of the Audi. “You’re Ron Paul,” I said. “That’s right, here, drink this.” He handed me a flask and I took a sip. It was sour and tart and tasted like lighter fluid. I asked what it was and he screamed at me, “cough syrup, meth and some Viagra.” That pretty much explained everything about the Ron Paul campaign I would need to know. With the exception of the Viagra, so I asked the candidate “why Viagra?” His wrinkled little wrist shot up and his thumb pointed to the back seat. That’s where three illegal ugly Canadian prostitutes were smiling, some toothless, all wearing Winnipeg Flamingo Hockey jerseys. It was right about then that I thought to myself “this was not going to get any prettier.”

From a dinner with a pompous and oblivious disgraced former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich to a possible transvestite Michelle Bachmann and her gay husband, to tracking down the rumors that Rick Santorum is a Satanist, if there is a dangerous and trivial side to the 2012 election, this novel is going to uncover it.

With a creative perspective and a hysterically unique voice, Matt Bertles delights readers with the tales of his interactions with the presidential contenders. Ranging from relatively believable to wonderfully fantastical, “Dancing with Mannequins and Idiots” is political satire at it’s finest. Bertles draws from his past experience as a journalist and the actual interviews he has had with political candidates. This adds a sense of realism to the voices heard throughout the book.

Highly recommended to everyone with a sense of humor and the ability to read, the dances so vividly described in this collection are really too much fun to miss.

About: Author – Matt Bertles: Artist, painter, writer, journalist, filmmaker. Over the past two decades Matt has worked for public radio in Alaska (pre-Palin), written business news in Seattle as Microsoft, Amazon and Immunex were just taking off and started a successful restaurant, Local Café and a highly successful painting career, all while raising countless children as a stay at home father.

About: Mergatroid Books: A new concern, Mergatroid Books develops and publishes electronic only books, no trees will be killed to publish our books is the tagline we have yet to use, but will someday be plastered on the posters we will splash all over subway stations around the world. Mergatroid Books is dedicated to finding new writers and helping them find an audience. Our first year we will publish 6 books, this is our first. Be gentle, we are new.

Our second book is out now, The Tails of Beth Libitard, which can be found here.

Contact; Daniel Stein for additional information, interview scheduling and copies of the book.


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