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Digital Brilliant Everything.

Matt Bertles started developing creative businesses in the 80’s, with the publication of the wildly popular “Biff The Dog and Mr. TV Head”. He continued to develop small and successful businesses, first with Madfacts.Com in the late ’90s, which helped sell more than 250 individual paintings, posters, photos, clocks and original puzzles.

Feeling restless Matt started Local Cafe in Seattle in 2003. The locally sourced restaurant received excellent reviews, but after a life changing bike crash in 2005, the restaurant was sold.

Soon after recovering, Matt joined forces with a New York gallery owner and created a documentary film company that in the span for 6 years created more than 100 short documentaries on some of the worlds top artists, architects and chefs. Matts last film was an intimate look at the artists George Condo working in his New York studio in 2014.

Matt has relocated his creative enterprise and is now solely focused, again, on painting. The latest work that is available for purchase can be found here.

Sometimes Matt will consult on digital publishing, SEO and marketing in the digital age,  but mostly, he remains publishing a series of fun, funny and interesting books, films and blogs.


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