A change for the better

I was in a smaller city in one of those states you can never find on a map and I started to notice complete strangers would stop and look at me, distinctly, as if they wanted to say something. Some would smile, others just nodded and kept doing whatever they were doing in a decent sized midwestern city.

Then as I was leaving I happened to be sitting in the gate 5 waiting area at the completely adequate airport and this cute happy young woman came up and asked if she could take a “selfie” with me. No one in my entire life had ever asked me that particular question, and at my age, with my experience, I have been asked what I thought was all of the remaining questions.

So I stood up to pose for her selfie and she said, “I thought you’d be taller.” Three times in my life women have told me they thought I’d be shorter, but this was a first. I asked her what she meant by her comment and she said, “you’re Bob Abernathy, the news guy.” I did not bother to tell her I was not Bob Abernathy. We posed, she took a photo and soon a few others, having watched her, came up and asked the same question. I was all for it. One teenager asked if I would sign his magazine. I asked his name, Ramon, and wrote, “Ramon, the force is strong with you, best, Bob Abernathy, local news anchor.”


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