My dog continues to be a rabid Trump supporter

Dear Beth libitard,
This Wednesday we are visiting Burlington, Iowa – get your tickets here – We will also be stopping in Jacksonville, Florida next Saturday, we hope to see you there!
Despite what the mainstream media would like you to think, we continue to dominate in all of the polls – 14-weeks straight to be exact – and the people of South Carolina, Nevada, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa, and Texas continue to reaffirm that I am the best candidate for President and I am going to win.

The next two weeks before the 3rd Debate are going to be busy. Today we are in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts.

The American people have spoken and are tired of career politicians who are “all talk and no action.” As a result, a few weeks ago I unveiled my new, simplified, tax plan, which will cut taxes across the board; and if you make less than $25,000 a year you will not pay any taxes. It will make it easier for businesses to create jobs in America and encourages them to keep them here – not send them overseas.

The past couple of weeks have been amazing and the people have been unbelievable at every stop. Thousands of people gathered in Virginia and Georgia to support our message.

I also met some fabulous people in New Hampshire, Tennessee, Nevada, and Iowa. We are taking our message nationwide and we want you to join us.

With your help, we will Make America Great Again.

Donald J. Trump 


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