Romney fires Lesbian pet consultant

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(AP) Provo, Utah –

Australian Lesbian and fairly famous defense attorney Beth Libitard, featured in a decent selling book about her exploits surviving and sometimes not surviving numerous hilarious attempts on her life, has either quit or been fired from the Romney Campaign.

Just last week Romney, “2012 official campaign motto, “who else?” hired Libitard to be special liaison to all things pets, especially after the whole “tied the dog on the top of the car and drove 5 thousand miles to Mexico and back and never bothered to see that it had frozen to death” story that just won’t seem to go away.

Beth came on board and promised to bring new and fresh air to the wilting campaign, but was met by a jaded and bitter Washington DC press corps, more interested in Bin Ladens last minutes and the economy that important things like proper pet care.


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