Everyman is gone

If you check in on this blog from time to time you know that a month or so ago I started posting chapters of the new book Everyman, a story of an unemployed tech worker who accidentally runs for a seat in congress with the concept of being honest and speaking in english and not being purchased by left wing crazies or right wing nut-balls.
The book was finished and the idea was to post about 15 chapters and then offer the book for sale on Amazon as the 2014 off year election really heated up. A positive look at politics right about the time all politicians turn negative and ugly.
One April 2 our house burned in a massive inferno and the entire Everyman book was on a laptop that melted early that morning. The book is gone, there is no backup (the external drive burned as well) and I will not even try to recreate that book.
I will leave the first three chapters posted for a month or so, so feel free to check that tab out.
I can’t begin to describe the heartache that comes from losing everything you have, from a newly created book to a beloved group of wonderful and eccentric pets.



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