Magic Keggo?

When I was but a wee little boy, I would often ask my eccentric keeper, I would say, “Sir Parker Kay Smith, would it be alright if I were to take the motor car into the city and purchase a human to ride around the garden today?”
Almost always I was told to check the Keggo Box and see if there was any money for such an expense and almost all the time there was none. The concept behind the Keggo was that every time Sir Parker, or a parent for that matter, entered the room, they would drop whatever excess cash they had into the Keggo and forget about it. That way, in time, the Keggo would grow a sum of savings that could be used to pay for all sorts of fun stuff.
The Keggo Box was our sole source of income, at least as far as I was concerned and so it was until I would leave for college. I thought all families had a Keggo Box and I was sure that was how they paid for everything from clothing to hookers.
Imagine my surprise when I joined a fraternity in college and when it came time to pony up for some beer and my frat brother, and Native American Rodney Who Shows No Malice, asked me if I had 20 bucks and I told him I didn’t even bring a Keggo with me to college and he looked at me like I might be crazy. It was that night that Rodney Who Shows No Malice explained to me that not every tribe has a Keggo Box.
So, for a while I would live without a Keggo Box holding money I would save and use when needed. Then at some point, I have some children of my own and I found it necessary to have savings for unplanned events, so I had to start my own Keggo Box. In time, our Keggo Box has paid for trips, cars and flights to China. In one instance, funds from our Keggo Box paid to repair a broken leg of a damaged deer that had been hit by a Fiat 500.
By happenstance, almost everyone can now have their own Magic Keggo.
See, you and almost everyone in the world could buy a Keggo Box of your own, put it somewhere obvious and begin pouring money into it and then when a time comes, somewhere down the road, sometime in the far off future, maybe somewhere in a time far far off, that Keggo money will be needed and you can pull the top off and be astounded by the cash you have accumulated.
So click here, check out the sort of amazing Keggo opportunities and then realize, a Keggo in your house is better than two Keggos in some fancy museum in Istanbul.



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