Stickers are in and ready

It’s very true, our somewhat annual sticker contest has begin. You may ask yourself, “what’s this sticker contest and how might I become a part of it.”

Good questions. First, we give away stickers every year to people who ask, it’s that simple. Once you get your packet of stickers you will also receive a note from legendary record producer, attorney and transvestite Beth Libitard explaining how the process works and the variety of super expensive gifts the 3 winning stickerators will receiver. Do not write in telling us that there is no such word a stickerator, because it is a real word, so deal with it.

Just so you know, last years stickers included shots of the sticker at the White House, in Saudi Arabia, on a vast number of products and even on a child.

Now, you are asking yourself, how can I get me some of these stickers? Or, what exactly do these stickers look like? Answer to question one is right here.

baby Once you take your eyes off that amazing sticker, your probably want to order some, right?

Stickers are no longer available.


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