Thank you England

Seriously, thank you for being literate and smart and willing to read books. Why? I’ll get there.

A couple of weeks ago I started stepping into the digital advertising mess called the Facebook advertising mess and threw out some ads for the latest Mergatroid Books offering “Branson, Eye of the Beholder” and surprisingly, the ads kind of worked. What is even more surprising is this, they worked like crack on our baby cat Raltraz in England. So for that, I say thank you.

Now, the bad news, I am running a bunch of new Facebook ads this week. So, you England living people, if you clicked on those obnoxious Facebook ads, you just leave them alone now, because clicking on them, actually cost me a ton of cash. All you lonely and literate people with a funny little accent? You feel free to click away and buy that sweet little Branson book, in fact buy both Branson books and any number of the other ones.

The Facebook ads will be showing in selected cities in America too, but mostly American cities that have a reputation of smart people who read. How do you know if you live in a smart American city? I’m not sure, ask yourself some questions. Does your city host a NASCAR race? Does you local TV news begin with the weather forecast? When you personally heard about the horse meat scandal in Europe was your first thought “yummy?”

So, watch for those Facebooky sort of ads.

Finally, and seriously, is anyone still reading at this point? Anyway, for all of you who took part in the recent Free book download day, if you could be so kind, could you please electronically “loan” that book to a friend? I am not quite sure how you do this, but it does not involve handing them your Kindle. You need to actually loan them a digital copy. Why do this? Because when you digitally loan a copy of a book you either purchased from Amazon or even one you picked up for free, the author actually gets some cash for that. So get on that right this second. Especially you, the good and literate people of England. Thanks again my blimey mates (that is how you people speak, yes?)


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