Anal retentive

“It is super important,” my super smart assistant Cindy told me via text, “that we, like, keep telling people about the books.”

She is right, because she graduated from some obscure arts college and she knows these things. So soon enough I am unleashing Cindy on this site to do all sorts of non-creative “marketing” that will drive people crazy, or as Cindy likes to say, “a little cray cray.”

Here is the bottom line. Branson.2 is out and interesting and people are buying it. So, it’s a cold weekend in America and other places, which means, you can download Branson, Eye of the Beholder on your electronic devices and read it and enjoy a good yard. That’s about the best online marketing I can offer. Of course, Cindy can write all sorts of kick ass marketing ninja copy that will basically seduce you into buying it, so you can wait till next week and beyond, or you can think about all those winter storms about to kick some ass and say to yourself, this might be a good weekend to click the link and spend a dollar or two.

Just so you know, Branson.2 has all sorts of snarky references to Branson.1, so you may as well spend the 3 bucks on that one too, just so you’re not all out in the dark.

One more thing, you do not need a Kindle to read downloaded books and other content from Amazon. You can either read it on any other device by downloading an app from Apple or any sort of app store (android included) or you could do the very same sort of magic on your computer. So, no excuses.

That’s it. Enjoy your weekend winter wonderland.


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