About those free books

A little over a week ago thousands of you (thank you) downloaded a super free copy of Branson, Eye of the Beholder, which was all nice and everything but here is the deal. You have to share it with all your digital friends. Why? Because you are profoundly nice people. Plus it does not cost you a penny. You can email a link to your friends, or even your enemies. That’s actually what I enjoy doing. All my enemies, which is a much longer list than my friends, get a link to download the book. Many of them do it, out of some mistaken vision of hate, I am sure.

The point of sharing the free book you downloaded last week? Well, Amazon does pay authors a small fee when a book is loaned. A small fee, not enough to fee my parakeet, but it is something. Plus, well I hate to use Jewish guilt here, but you did get that book for free, eh? So, get right on that, ok? Thank you, and my parakeet Clarence Thomas thanks you.



  1. As much as I’d like to receive free ebooks; when I become an author in the future – hopefully, I’d simply not appreciate others receiving my books for free. Which is why I purchase them, but since Amazon is giving them for free, I’ll let you off (lol),

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