That free book?

Remember about a week ago we were all about giving away that great book about how Mitten Romney was able to beat out a Satan worshiper, a fat guy looking for wife number seven and a stoned out of his mind Texas governor to win the chance to lie about everything and become president? Do you remember? Good, cause a lot of you downloaded that book, something about Mannequins and Newt, something. Anyway, you got it for free and for that, everyone from Jesus to Bill Clinton thanks you. Seriously, I asked, they do.

But, and this is a big but, bigger than a Kardashian Butt, but…You must now loan that electronic wonder-book to all your friends. Loan away, don’t be shy, you arn’t betraying your trust with Jesus or Bill Clinton, trust me, I asked. Loan it out as fast as you can to as many friends as you have, even the fake ones on Facebook. Yes, your fake friends want to read about Mannequins and Santorum, or whatever it’s called. Do it, loan it, send it off to Cuba. Do what you must.


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