Stressing the obvious

Some things should go without saying. If you have not dragged your cursor or finger or eyeball or whatever it is you use to change internet pages over to the blog, you should and get involved in that sticker contest, because soon, in a matter of a couple of months, some lonesome homeless cat, or something, is going to win the very latest of Apple pablum tablet bullshit and they will completely disappear from what is left of society, and that homeless cat could be you.

Until then, you could spend the rest of what seems like either the most glorious of summers, or strangely, the most treacherous of summers, reading a peachy little detective novel, Branson. Why? Well, because in a couple of months, when it really is cold out, there will be Branson Two, where the art world is held up like a stinky pair of gardening gloves and people will question all they have been told, or not. Either way, now would be a good time to connect. That, or get some free stickers and try to get  some free crappy Apple electronics.


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