A quick reminder for you book readers

Every now and then we do this thing on Amazon where we have one of our super popular books available for free for an entire day. Recently, Branson-For Love or Money was free for 24 hours and I just got a very nice email telling me that an enormous number of happy little readers were nice enough to take advantage of the offer.
Good on you I say.
Good on you.
Now, all I ask is that when you are done with Branson, you electronically loan that book to every electronic friend you have. You see, Amazon has this wonderful program that actually pays publishers when the books get loaned. I believe this is a win-win sort of situation, but only if you loan the book electronically to someone. If not, then it’s sort of a win, sad face emoticon thing.
So finish reading it, and electronically loan that book to as many people as possible.
This Friday? The Tales of Beth Libitard, free.


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