Hog tied Becky

Finally some good news for the Romney campaign, ever since they hired me this morning, all I have heard is how this skeleton in the closet is causing trouble and that skeleton in the closet is taxing us, and how some dead body tied to the top of an old station wagon in Massachusetts may or may not be a pet, who knows?
My job is to clean things up.
That and sing and dance.
So, before I offer my magic undies wearing employer any sage advice, I will share this image with you, remind you that if you click on the blog link above you often find fun pictures of scary stickers and sometimes more and often times less.
I am finally riding back in a decent sized city with plenty of dog shit crazy riders who think red lights mean slow and look, which makes bike riding an adventure.
While here, I can secretly sneak around and take pictures of objects hiding stickers, it is going to be my new project and those images begin with the one below and will continue in the space above called, simply, blog.
Good luck with that.
Now, for my good friend Mitt, admit to our lies, admit your made a shit load of money by sending American jobs to China and bankrupting some business all in the name of, what did Texas governor Ricky Perry call it? Vulture capitalism? Yeah, all in the name of vulture capitalism. People like capitalism.
Don’t mention anything about he dead dog.



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