Ask and you shall…

For weeks or years, depending on how well you trust my memory, people have been begging me to make the Libitard part of this site more photo friendly. Not sure what I am talking about? Join the club.

Anyway, I am trying out some new WordPress hokum and today you can now get all confused with options on how to view the pictures and prose in a completely illogical fashion. Enjoy that mess.

Also, this week marks the first time in a long time that I will have access to a real computer and not this damn Ipad, which is a bitch to type on and when I make it to hell I will kick Steve Jobs right in the balls. I will, I promise. I love the Ipad for late night fapping and shit like that, but for work or anything productive, it sucks.

The plan, more words here, more images there. As an example, dino pictures there this morning and sometime in the next 48 hours, the extensive story of the hottest ass in Ohio and how it was used to bring massive amounts of unknown drugs right past the idiots at the Akron International Airport. Finally, I know. It’s a fun story involving children wired on sugar, mothers reading something about 50 shades of graying something or other and a couple of smugglers walking around in public with a duffle of coke, and not the kind you drink.



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