So, I love the whole “Catch and Release” aspect of bike riding as much as the next bonehead, especially when I am the bonehead doing the catching and releasing.

For people just finding these pearls of wisdom contained here, catch and release is cycling, at least when I am pedaling, for spotting a fellow cyclist somewhere down the road and setting your sites on him/her and catching them, passing them and moving on. No taunting, nothing, just catch-release.

Simple. Until not one city rider this afternoon catches me and releases at a high rate of speed climbing up a fairly easy hill in Seattle, but two, one right after the other. I almost wanted to cry. Instead I took a sip of water and steeled myself and tried to catch them, knowing much like Tom Cruise must have known when he married Katie Holmes, there would be no release.

I did catch both, at a stop light and it was there that I decided I could ride with them, although they both had serious advantages. I was riding an old steel bike, weighing close to twice as much as their sporty racing bikes. They were cleated in, I was wearing old running shoes. They probably rode this hill daily, I could not remember the last time my body had powered a bike up this hill, years probably.

I stayed with them, with ease. I could not have passed them with ease and I am sure if I did, they could just as easily have passed me snickering and rode far off into the distance. The joy of catch and release is no one really know anyone else is playing, I think.

I turned off after following the two speedsters for a few blocks, I had to get to a bike shop to get another fix for the crappy heavy terrible bike I am borrowing while I am in Seattle this weekend. Really, right now there are literally millions, or maybe ten people reading this, 4 of them in the Pacific Northwest, one of whom must one a bike they could loan me.


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