Drug deal

I watched this fairly large drug deal go down in the Akron Airport last Friday, a perfectly timed ballet that I will someday describe in detail, but suffice to say it involved TSA agents on the take, fake travelers going nowhere and a woman wearing the tightest sweatpants that I have ever seen a human wearing and looking every bit of perfect wearing them. Oh, and she walked out of the Akron airport carrying what I presume to be thousands of dollars of illegal drugs in a duffel bag. I was thinking I should report the crime, but I already knew the TSA was in on it, so I surmised the local police would have found a decent enough reason to just arrest me instead, so I got on m flight without notifying anyone.



  1. Your deep-seated pathology and poanaria is duly noted. So is your brainwashed polemic and ape-like emotional response. It would appear a piece out of Faux News. Congratulations, you are a careful student. Please grab a gun and march up the hill to the marching orders of whomever or whatever you believe. And take your fellow idealogues along with you for the ride. Just don’t ask sane and decent people to participate. Iran has not attacked another country for over 300 years. Iran is a signatory member of the non-proliferation treaty, there is no evidence that Iran has obtained a nuclear weapon and if they did, so what? Israel, despite having some 200-300 nuclear weapons, is not a signatory to the non-proliferation treaty. China and Russia have already committed to backing Iran in any conflict which is ginned up by the neocons and Israel. While one acknowledges the position that Israel is in, for the most part of its own making, it appears to be fully capable of defending itself. I hope it can and does. Without me or my country. One would think that the various groups surrounding Israel might back off a bit if the Israelis refrain from ethnically cleansing and otherwise committing unspeakable horrors against the Palestinians (the harvesting of organs from dead Palestinians reported in the Swedish press being duly noted- please look it up). If not, then they should expect the type of response which comes their way. You obviously confuse a self-described informed libertarian patriot with your own parched view. Think what you want. Or is it the point, typical of such people as you who diatribe on websites to try to move the dialog into the false left-right paradigm, rather than appropriately deal the many false statements you make. The bottom line is that the neocons and through their proxy, the Likudnic Israeli government (distinguished from the Israeli people who appear to be much more sane than you or they), are trying to start WWIII and there is an overwhelming majority in this country (and even in Israel) who wish to forestall that event and to keep this great country of ours, the United States of America, the country which is my first and last priority, out of a cataclysm from which there is no escape. Your fealty to Israel as opposed to the United States, is duly noted. If you believe it appropriate, you should act on it- and deal with whatever consequences emerge from that action. GD …

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