Super amazing free books

You people who gifted your Fathers on Fathers Day are kind of Amazing. Yesterday we here at Mergatroid Books did one of those “gift your Fathers with a free book” things that only we can do and you people did us proud by giving your fathers and mothers and sometimes yourselves tons of free e-books. In fact, you gave lots and lots of free books to friends, family and weirdos. Good for you.

Just a reminder, those free books you gave? You can lend them, electronically, just kind of like emailing them, but different. Via Amazon, and its free too. Do it, as often as possible. It’s fun and free and a great way to share the book. You could also take a moment and download Branson, For Love or Money – our new detective novel. It’s funny, scary and a great summer read. It is also the first in a series, with another Branson coming for Winter and another set for next Spring, so enjoy Branson and prepare yourself for more. 

Thanks again for taking the dip into Dancing with Mannequins and Idiots. 


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