Finally, a book everyone with a Kindle can afford

Here is something.
On Fathers Day, which is, of course, a completely fake holiday, you or someone you know can grab a FREE copy of the most important book ever written. Yes the Bible of the Republican 2012 campaign for the presidency will be free on Sunday June 17th.
Grab it HERE.
Free all day.
So if you are either Jewish or just super cheap, you can give the gift that keeps on giving to either your father or yourself, just by clicking that link on Sunday and downloading the book.
Don’t have a Kindle? Amazon will let you download some super crappy software that will allow you read any book you want on any sort of device you own. How easy is that? You know what else that does? Removes the excuse for reading the book. Damn.
So, Sunday, download Dancing with Mannequins and Idiots, maybe some software to read it and enjoy.



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