The emails

“I like your blog and especially the pics with those stickers. I don’t have a camera, but if you sent me some stickers, I would put them on stuff and get my friend to take pics and we could send them to you. Would that work?”


“Are you really giving away a new iPad for the best picture? If you are, who picks which is best?”

Yes. My lawyer, Beth Libitard, esq.

“Can I still buy that book about the dopey detective?”

No idea what you are talking about. But if you mean the super great detective novel Branson, yeah, that is still for sale.

“My boyfriend says things like “have you gained weight” or that my pants look tight on me, you know, I think he is trying to work on my self esteem. I told him that I actually lost weight, but he still throws those little insults out and I think it’s some weird way to wear me out. What do you think?”

You need a new boyfriend.


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