Mannequins lands

How convenient, you can click here and purchase all the information you need on how a man wearing magic underpant won the Republican primary season.

Mergatroid Books is incredibly proud to release Dancing with Mannequins and Idiots, the full novel on everything that happened from Iowa to yesterday. If it involved a pudgy former shameless house speaker it will be in there. Oh sure, there are seasoned reporters from the Wall Street Journal writing boring stories filled with graphs and polls, but not a lot of real journalists are willing to do shots of Viagra and Meth and a Texas congressman to get the real story.

Follow Matt Bertles as he slides into the ride paddies of Iowa and lands directly on the remains of Rick Santorums Satanic rituals. If it is the stoned ramblings of Texas governor Rick Perry you need to hear, you will only get those pearls of wisdom somewhere in this book.

It’s all available now and it’s only available on Amazon. Click here to grab your copy.


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