Again, if you are reading this, you are creeping on our new company, good for you. We will be getting into the sorts of books we are looking for and the artists we are currently reading very soon, but if there is one thing we understand about selling art it is this, you can have great art, amazing art, the very best of art, but if you do not get it out into the world and find a way to creatively market it, no one is likely to find it.

That said, here at Mergatroid Books, our goal is to establish our artists and our books with a serious stab into the marketplace by developing an aggressive marketing plan for every book we e-publish.

2012 is our initial year jumping into books, but it is not our first year in business. Mergatroid Inc has been around for years, as Mergatroid Films, a short documentary business responsible for over 100 short films that focused on artists, architects, chefs and other creative professionals produced for galleries, museums, non-profits and other publishers. The founder of Mergatroid also started Madfacts.Com, a site dedicated in the 90’s to selling original art to a world wide audience. Using a massive guerilla marketing campaign, that site garnered over one million unique visitors and sold hundreds of original pieces of unique art.

Mergatroid Books will be using every marketing methodology that we have had success with over the past 17 years. When it comes to thinking outside the box, we prefer to stand blocks away from the box and pretend it does not even exist.


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